'There's a story behind every picture' is the overall theme in most of my work. Stories are important. A strong storyline which I've chosen this year is GENERATIONS OF CHANGE; not just the three large canvases which are grouped under that heading (and were inspired by Matt Armour's song of the same name) but the capturing of moments in changing landscapes and local life.

The paintings around the East Neuk of Fife were inspired by communities which evolve - successfully - to new circumstances and challenges, though the old way of life still shows up ('Droothy Neebours', for example).

The Orkney paintings are a tribute to a history so ancient we can hardly comprehend it, and yet it is part of the fabric of modern Orkney life.

And the Canadian paintings show in part a landscape that has dominated humans, but is now showing a relentless alteration through climate change, and its potential for danger.

You may see more and different stories in the work - I hope you do.

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