This year, as the Covid threat grows less, the PITTENWEEM ARTS FESTIVAL will take place, but I won't exhibit there in 2022.  It will be a chance to see the exhibitions, meet people, discuss the paintings, and for all the artists, a chance to showcase new work and new ideas. 


This year I've been working on more abstract paintings, looking at the landscapes and the people and the stories behind them, and the events which are happening all around us. The course of the pandemic has been a major change of course, not just in terms of where and what to paint, but also the mood and opportunity to do so.

The East Neuk of Fife is a great place to paint. The light and the clear air chase away those grey tones which sometimes hover over Scotland. It’s ideal for the many artists, who live and work there, giving a sense of community and lots of ideas. There’s time to stop, to watch, to listen. Daily life, and the changes which the modern world imposes on the landscape are fascinating and I try to capture the moments. I hear the stories of people and places. It's been a great inspiration for me to capture the colour and local landmarks. 

My paintings are about the people and places. Beyond Fife, around Scotland, to Orkney, to Ireland and to the Canadian Rockies - travels are a source of ideas. What happens in these remote landscapes, what man does to alter them is a constant theme. The 'social landscape' is increasingly a feature in my work; how we gather and celebrate, talk, sing, eat and even protest is endlessly interesting. Especially in these times.

I want every painting to tell some kind of story, about the past, the present or even the future. Some are based on tales told to me, or songs which have captured the spirit of the landscape, in some I hope the people tell their own tales.

Many of the stories are included on the website...

The website - like art -  is a work in progress. Come back again!

Enjoy your visit.






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